£1,100,000 RAISED SINCE 2021 – THANKS TO YOU

“Young people from disadvantaged backgrounds don’t lack aspirations and ambition – they lack guidance, role models and networks of like-minded individuals to thrive from.” – Jamie Carragher

Scoring goals for young people

In 2021, football legends Trent Alexander-Arnold, Conor Coady and Jamie Carragher joined forces with superstars from across the game and business leaders to launch a groundbreaking initiative to transform the lives and opportunities of young people throughout the country – and so, we blew the kick-off whistle on Football For Change (FFC).

From then on, it’s been our mission to serve as a beacon of change for 12-to-18-year-olds affected by social and economic disadvantages, offering them a direct route to brighter futures. It’s our goal to inspire hope and ambition, using the lessons learned on the pitch – discipline, teamwork, perseverance and commitment – to lay solid foundations for a brighter future and by funding life-changing projects in education, employment and sport.

In such a short space of time, Football For Change has provided access to life-changing opportunities and has focused support to positively impact some of the most deprived communities in the UK.

A lot done. A lot more to do.

Since 2021, we've sent over 200 young people from disadvantaged parts of the UK on sports and education retreats to the USA.

Over 50 organisations supporting young people facing social and economic challenges have received grant funding.

We’ve worked to tackle the digital divide by funding laptops and other essential equipment for higher-education students from low-income households.

Over 30 football superstars have given their time to visit projects and support the young people Football For Change is helping.

Play your part to inspire change

Through a powerful collaboration between football superstars and business leaders, our overriding mission is to give young people the support and tools they need to build better futures.

The support given and the money raised so far – an unbelievable £1.1million since our founding in 2021 – has helped teenagers from the most deprived regions of the country start exciting, new journeys they wouldn’t have been able to previously access; yet there is still so much more to do.

Crippling inequality, record numbers of people living in poverty and soaring numbers of young people not in employment, education or training, means your help is needed more than ever. Right at this very moment, young people everywhere face challenging times with a lack of career and skills development opportunities purely because of where they were born. They are being stopped on the starting blocks of life because of societal and economic issues they have no control over.

Your involvement is vital and can truly help to break these barriers through life-changing initiatives. Together, we can make a measurable difference for others; we can fund educational and sports programmes and propel employment opportunities that break down the barriers of poverty and transform dreams and hopes into reality.

Breaking barriers through life-changing opportunities

Leaving school and considering what’s next is a defining moment in a young person’s life, and yet, sadly, so many have no real opportunity to pursue their passions because of the social and economic disadvantages they face. At Football For Change, we are giving young people the tools to break free from the constraints of their circumstances through mentorship, training and skills development. We want every young person to have the chance to fulfil their potential – to become our future leaders, teachers, businesspeople, sports stars, or whatever career pathway fuels their aspirations.

Become a Football For Change champion and make a real difference

We are looking to you to help us bring about lasting change for young people. It’s our mission to inspire fundraisers, sponsors and those looking to make a real difference to join us on this remarkable journey. We’re raising money to give young people the best start in life.

Join us and become a part of something bigger than yourself; become a champion for change, and let’s build a legacy of opportunities to empower the future generation.

Help us score more goals for young people

2024 Football For Change Chairman’s Gala – Winter 2024

“Football For Change is about helping young people onto a positive path. It is footballers and business leaders coming together with a goal to help improve the life chances and opportunities of young people from some of the most challenged neighbourhoods in the country. It is a brilliant initiative and I know from growing up in Liverpool that it is needed now more than ever”

Liverpool Vice Captain & England International